Needs more cowbell

© Chuck Ingwersen, 2008


Welcome to the very first Words and Toons blog post. I tried to synchronize my blogging debut so that I’d be the 1 billionth person to start a blog (since last weekend), surely qualifying me for a lovely prize. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. qespiurqwvzxo hqwerzwerpx

Nope. Can’t type with my fingers crossed.

Words and Toons will serve as my forum to present samples of my writing (Words) and my cartoons (Toons). Simple as that. Not quite a Webcomic, not really an opinion blog, and certainly not a place to cook a ham.

OK. Enough intro. I’d like to start my blog the way all good songs should start — with cowbell. 

Christopher Walken is right when he insists on More Cowbell. What song wouldn’t get an instant upgrade from some well-place cowbell? OK, “Tears in Heaven,” for one. 

I’m pretty sure cowbell resonates most powerfully with Baby Boomers. The Beatles used cowbell to great effect (“You Can’t Do That,” “I Call Your Name,” and “Hard Day’s Night” among others). Creedence (“Down on the Corner,” “Born on the Bayou”) gave it a good whacking. So did Led Zeppelin (“Houses of the Holy,” “Good Times, Bad Times”), The Rolling Stones (“Honky Tonk Women”), The Chambers Brothers (“Time Has Come Today”), Stealer’s Wheel (“Stuck in the Middle With You”) and Blue Oyster Cult (“Don’t Fear the Reaper”).

But to the ears of this cowbell-lovin’ man, nobody did it better than Mountain with “Mississippi Queen.” Drummer Corky Laing opens the song by counting down via emphatic cowbell to Leslie West’s explosive guitar riff. Bravo, Corky. You earned your place in the Cowbell Hall of Fame.

If you’re looking for an impressive list of cowbell-enhanced songs, check out The Cowbell Project

Walken gets the last word:


3 Responses to Needs more cowbell

  1. dmag says:

    Cowbell … Ding-Dong Bell … George Bell … it’s all good.

  2. Ryan says:

    If anyone could do the near-impossible and make the cowbell sexy, of course it had to be Barry White. (“Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe”)

  3. Ryan says:

    I don’t know how a parentheses turned itself into a winking smiley face, but I wanted to clear that up so I don’t look weird.

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