The Circle of Cats

© Chuck Ingwersen, 2008

© Chuck Ingwersen, 2008

I imagine that coming face to face with The Circle of Cats would inspire the kind of awe that Stonehenge inspires. (The actual Stonehenge, not the mini-Stonehenge of “Spinal Tap.”)

No one is quite sure when the cats began circling, or why. No one knows if the same group of cats traverse the circle each day, or whether there are substitute cats.

Legend has it that the cats take a short break from their trance-inducing circling for only a few moments each day. During those moments, they are referred to as The Straight Line of Cats Waiting to Use the Litter Box.

Legend also has it that every attempt to coax the cats out of their circling has failed. The story goes that a professional cat distractor from Bulgaria spent an entire day trying to disrupt the circle. Each of his efforts — hanging string from his nipples, juggling rubber squeaky toys, dressing in a rather convincing mouse costume — was roundly ignored by The Circle of Cats.

“That’s cats for ya,” he was heard to mutter as he walked back to Bulgaria, carrying his giant costume mouse head in hand.


5 Responses to The Circle of Cats

  1. dmag says:


  2. katchu says:

    Never, ever interrupt a circling cat. It’s very dangerous and not something to joke about. My cat just told me and I believe everything my cat says, especially when I think he may start that circling thing with his kitty friends. I am knitting them sweaters.
    Would you like a cat sweater?

  3. rahmama says:

    Very funny. I hope you’ll keep us updated on any new developments on the Circle.

  4. wordsandtoons says:

    I’ll pass on the cat sweater. I’m allergic … to sweaters.

    The Circle will remain unbroken.

  5. Aylett says:

    I think their expressions are priceless!

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