Water cooler talk


© Chuck Ingwersen, 2008

© Chuck Ingwersen, 2008


Water coolers. Do workplaces even have them anymore? They seem like relics from a simpler, more watery-cooler time. 

Just imagine … co-workers gathering around a water cooler to communicate with each other, face to face. How primitive! But it’s true. In the days before e-mail and instant messaging and text messaging and bottled water readily available for just a few dollars, the water cooler was the hub of the office. It was where the previous night’s TV shows were discussed, where gossip was exchanged and where water was occasionally consumed.

Sample Water Cooler Conversation, Circa 1968:

Ned from accounting: Did you see Batman last night? Adam West sure brings a conflicted, introspective quality to the role of the Caped Crusader. And Cesar Romero’s portrayal of the Joker is chilling — pure genius. He certainly won’t be forgotten come awards season.

Stew from accounting: You bet your sweet bippy.

Ned: Speaking of sweet bippies, I hear that groovy Mindy chick from personnel is a real tiger in the holding-hands department.

Stew: Sock it to me.

Ned: I think someone spiked the water cooler with hallucinogenic drugs again.

Stew: There’s a five-headed walrus on your shoulder.

Ned: Well, time to get back to work.


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