Amazing blog secrets revealed!

Q: Is this blog on vacation or hiatus? Or has Mr. Words&Toons run out of both words and toons?

A: No. This blog soon will be awash in exciting new material. Mr. Words&Toons has spent much of the last week negotiating a new contract with The Angry Horse. Let’s just say this hasn’t been a pleasant week for Mr. Words&Toons.

Q: Is The Angry Horse demanding a pay raise?

A: It’s hard to tell, with all the shouting and spitting.

Q: Can readers expect any new characters to add to a roster of favorites that includes The Angry Horse?

A: If you’re alluding to this blog’s rumored pursuit of The Grouchy Water Buffalo, I’d say don’t hold your breath. (But if you ever come face to face with The Grouchy Water Buffalo, I’d advise that you DO hold your breath.) 

Q: If The Angry Horse and The Grouchy Water Buffalo got into a fight, who would win?

A: Mankind.


7 Responses to Amazing blog secrets revealed!

  1. lee says:

    Were these questions provided by an unbiased panel? If so how does one submit an inquiry? respectfully yours curious Lee

  2. dmag says:

    So this is a one-horse race?

  3. lee:

    You can submit all questions via Angry Pony Express.


    Actually, The Angry Horse gave up racing years ago. He had a problem showering with the other horses after the race.

  4. dmag says:

    When The Angry Horse was younger, was he a One-Trick Pony?

  5. sezduck says:

    Well, this seems a popular post to comment on.

    Is Angry Horse in any way related to Bad Horse?

  6. sezduck says:

    Damn, I blew it. I should’ve put this link in my comment:

  7. sezduck:

    The Angry Horse gets even angrier when people say he’s just riding the coat tails (horse tails?) of Bad Horse. The Angry Horse angrily claims he has never heard of Bad Horse, or Dr. Horrible, or The Evil League of Evil, or Captain Hammer, or Moist, or Joss Whedon, or anything Joss Whedon has ever done.

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