An angry reader

Just want to share an e-mail from a longtime fan of Words and Toons, and my response:

Is it my imagination, or has the content of this once delightful blog gone straight into the toilet? Recent entries have included monkeys flinging their Pooh, a man with a squirrel in his pants, and now an office worker waving his butt in the face of his boss. Even The Angry Horse has contributed to the juvenile tone with a rant about “Uranus.” Why couldn’t it have been Saturn or Pluto? I expect a higher level of sophistication from someone called The Angry Horse.

If I want lowest common denominator humor, I’ll watch “Family Guy,” “South Park” or “Live With Regis and Kelly.” (That Regis sure has a mouth on him!)

So please, sir, return to the class of humor this blog once championed. Take a stand for humor that tickles the cerebral cortex rather than the groinal region. 

Harry Butz
President and treasurer of P.O.O.P. (Please Omit Offensive Posts)


Dear Mr. Butz:

I think it’s safe to say your letter has kick-started the process of making this blog the sophisticated venue it aspires to be. I thank you for that.


2 Responses to An angry reader

  1. lee says:

    If Mr. butz wants “The New Yorker ” cartoons, he is at the wrong site! C.F.N.C.T. (CITIZENS FOR NON-CEREBRAL TOONS)

  2. dmag says:

    (If I may butt in with a gimme): No word from Harry’s brother, Seymour?

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