I thought I broke YouTube

So I put together a short cartoon sampler to promote Words and Toons — nothing fancy, just a few cartoon images backed by some funky music — and I uploaded it to YouTube. Shortly thereafter I went to YouTube to check it out. What did I find? YouTube was down, out of commission. Oh my God … I broke YouTube!

Actually, YouTube was temporarily shut down to perform site maintenance. Alas, I didn’t bring down their servers by getting more views than they could handle. I don’t think 11 views falls into that category.

Anyway, this kinda clunky video is just a toe in the water. I’m currently working on an animated cartoon that I hope to post soon. After that, a big-budget full-length feature can’t be far behind. 


2 Responses to I thought I broke YouTube

  1. lee says:


  2. dmag says:

    Play that funky music.

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