Palin comparison: Marge Gunderson from “Fargo”


© 2008 Chuck Ingwersen

© 2008 Chuck Ingwersen

So it’s come to this: A candidate for high office is commended for not being “a car wreck” in a debate.

Ignore the fact that Sarah Palin played upon her folksy image to the point that it seemed she was doing an imitation of Tina Fey doing an imitation of Sarah Palin.

Forget that she repeatedly evaded questions and talked in circles. 

Forget that she twice called the commander in Afghanistan “McClellan.” (It’s General McKiernan.)

Many pundits were lauding Palin after the VP debate, largely because she came across better than they had expected in the wake of the Katie Couric fiasco.

Some went further than that. 

“She killed it,” Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said on NBC. “It was her evening. She was the star.”

Ahhhh … lowered standards. Don’t you love ’em? You betcha.


3 Responses to Palin comparison: Marge Gunderson from “Fargo”

  1. dmag says:

    When the Coen brothers do a sequel to “Fargo,” we won’t have to look too far for a costar for Frances McDormand. “He’s fleein’ the interview!”

  2. sezduck says:

    Hey, take it easy on good ol’ Mrs P. You know, she reads every newspaper and magazine that’s put in front of her, and that’s why she knows so much about things like the Bush Doctrine and Supreme Court decisions (such as Roe v Wade and, um, Roe v. Wade). Don’t let Katie Couric and her “gotcha’ journalism distort your view of Sara Palin. She’s a maverick who speaks from the heart to all those Joe Six Packs and Hockey Moms (aka Pitbulls with lipstick)out there. So, if you plan on posting any more negative blogs about her, well, I say “thanks, but no thanks; I’ll have to get back to ya.”

  3. dmag:

    I hear Steve Buscemi will be back in “Fargo II,” but he’ll have a much smaller part. I mean parts.


    I should have known the Sarah Palin post wouldn’t be well received on Main Street.

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