Pop culture morsels

* In an interview with TV Guide, Tina Fey said this about Sarah Palin: “If she wins, I’m done. I can’t do that for four years.  And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.”

Here’s hoping Tina can hurry up and film about 10 seasons of “30 Rock” in advance, just in case.

* Great joke from “The Daily Show” regarding the stock market’s huge gains on Monday: “It was good to see the stockbrokers jumping up into their windows.”

* “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” was the North American box office champ for the second consecutive week. “BHC” scooped up $17.5 million in U.S. ticket sales, topping the Leonardo DiCaprio-Russell Crowe film “Body of Lies” ($12.9 million).

Right about now, DiCaprio and Crowe are firing their agents for not getting them more roles in talking dog movies.


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