Stupid Blago tricks

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen


Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, facing impeachment and a federal criminal complaint, is taking his Caravan of Crazy to TV talk shows all over the land. It will be hard for Rod to top his appearance on “The View,” which included highlights such as Joy Behar mussing his legendary hair and urging him to do a Richard Nixon impression (“I am not a crook!”). Amazingly, Blago showed some discretion and declined the request to show the world his Tricky Dick.

By the way, I love the new nickname “The Daily Show” has given Blago: “Scumdog Million-hairs.”

Above is my depiction of Blagojevich entertaining David Letterman with some monkey business. As far as I know, Blago hasn’t scheduled an appearance with Letterman, Leno or O’Brien, but nothing he does from here on out will surprise me.

I think I finally have my drawing of Blago up to snuff after several previous attempts, some of which have been posted on Words and Toons. And I’m pretty happy with my Letterman. Not quite sure about those monkeys, though.


One Response to Stupid Blago tricks

  1. dmag says:

    He’s gonna make chimps outta all of us.

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