Right in his Wheel house

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen


4 Responses to Right in his Wheel house

  1. dmag says:

    This guy must be Harry Navel. (Sorry I’ve be away a while. Quips’ll get better.)

  2. At first I read that as “Quisp’ll get better.” And I thought, “How can Quisp get any better than it already is?” And then I went and had a bowl of Quisp. So, thank you for that.

  3. dmag says:

    Mmmm. Better Quisp. Mmmm. Even better than Quake and Puffa Puffa Rice.

  4. Dennis R says:

    This cartoon made me laugh out loud.

    I’ve never eaten Quisp.

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