Hoping Conan’s “Tonight” is better tomorrow

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen

© 2009 Chuck Ingwersen

Quickie observations on Conan’s “Tonight Show” debut:

  • I enjoyed the opening bit that saw Conan running from New York to his new studio in Hollywood, all the more because it went on longer than it should have. Heck, it’s just funny to watch Conan run.
  • The other two “remote” bits — the Universal tour bus and Conan’s trusty Taurus — didn’t measure up to Conan’s typically stellar remotes.
  • String dance … check.
  • Andy Richter might go looking for another sitcom if he’s going to be so underused. But I suspect Andy’s role will increase quite a bit … and sooner than later. I’m betting on “In the Year 2000” in this first week, and perhaps a staring contest. No, wait: Conan and Andy “drive the desk” through Hollywood!
  • The newly built studio/set was too big and high-gloss for my taste. I already miss the intimacy of Conan’s cozy digs in 30 Rock (the building, not the Tina Fey show).
  • The Will Ferrell interview segment was pretty bland as far as Will Ferrell appearances usually go. 
  • Was it just my TV, or did Pearl Jam sound like they were playing underwater?
  • All in all, I found it disappointing. Conan seemed uptight — make that more uptight than usual — for much of the night, and the show felt overproduced. No surprises there, considering it was show No. 1. Here’s hoping Conan and Co. can regain the charm and looseness of “Late Night” within the more constricting confines of “The Tonight Show.”


One Response to Hoping Conan’s “Tonight” is better tomorrow

  1. Davis says:

    yours is the first negative assessment I’ve heard, but it’s good to know there are flaws to be improved — hope he sees it

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