About me

Name: Chuck Ingwersen

Home: Oak Forest, Ill. (a suburb of Chicago)

Works as: Cartoonist, humor writer, editor, illustrator, page designer.

Card shark: Many of the cartoons featured on this site are available for purchase at  my Zazzle shop and at my Greeting Card Universe shop. I also write and design funny greeting cards for Shoebox (Hallmark), Gallant Greetings, Oatmeal Studios and It Takes Two. I’ve done cartoons for newspapers and a variety of web sites, and I produce a comic strip called Captain Scratchy.

Previous career: Journalist (newspaper reporter, columnist, editor, page designer)

Contact info: Inquiries about licensing my cartoons, artwork and writing should be directed to cingwersen1 at comcast.net


8 Responses to About me

  1. Anne says:


    I’ve just started a poetry blog that I do not take seriously at all, hence the “silly poetry” title. Anyway, your blog is the first I’ve found so far with poetry that is silly in nature, and does not take itself so seriously as other poetry blogs I’ve found.

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog, and I hope you will take a peek at mine, on occasion. Please don’t cringe too much though, my poetry style is in its infancy!

    Thanks for putting your talent where it can be seen.



  2. ashmantravels says:

    your cartoons are amazing!

  3. darkprincess says:

    I fancy The Angry Horse. ) it’s fabulous

  4. Mike Deacon says:

    This is Mike’s son, your cartoons are funny! You are also a good artist! I will check this site again soon, maybe add a political cartoon with Blago:)

  5. Linda says:

    I was wondering if by any chance your nervous turkey designs is for sale as an embroidery deisgn, is there any one who digitizes your artwork

  6. Keith Brown says:

    I love your work. Do you color by hand or software?
    If so,which software do you use.

    • Thanks so much, Keith!

      Most of the time I draw directly into Photoshop using a Wacom digital drawing tablet. I used to scan my linework into Photoshop, but once I mastered the Wacom, I went paperless! Well, not quite. I still work out sketches on paper for most of my cartoons, so I have a good idea of what I want to do once I plug in the digital tablet.

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