Nervous Dog Magazine fridge magnet on sale!

August 2, 2013


ATTENTION DOG LOVERS: The popular Nervous Dog fridge magnet is now on sale! For a limited time, this funny magnet (which imagines a magazine that doesn’t really exist) is available for just $3.99, with FREE SHIPPING to U.S. residents.

This postcard-size magnet, made of super-smooth vinyl with vibrant colors, is based on one of the most popular Captain Scratchy cartoons. It will look great on your fridge, and it makes a perfect gift for any dog lover.

By purchasing this item, you’re helping to keep Captain Scratchy in its mission to bring laughter to the world! Captain Scratchy is the website that evolved from Words and Toons.


Captain Scratchy Rises Again

November 7, 2012

The home for my freshest cartoons, Captain Scratchy, is up and running after experiencing technical difficulties. Check it out, won’t you? This guy just might give you a hug.

Captain Scratchy, We Have a Problem

November 4, 2012

Technical difficulties at my current home for cartoon foolishness, Captain Scratchy, might bring me back here to Words and Toons. Hmmm … let’s see if I remember how to post here. Testing … testing …

Captain Scratchy wants YOU!

April 30, 2010

Here’s a gentle nudge to your ribs to check out Captain Scratchy, where I post my gag cartoons five days a week! Just take a look at the preview panel below and imagine the hilarity that ensues. Click it to see all four panels conveniently placed adjacent to one another.

Startled dog, frightened chicken

April 7, 2010

What’s causing Rufus and Chicken to look so startled? Click on the preview panel to see the new “Captain Scratchy.”

Rufus gets some disturbing news

March 31, 2010

Click the preview panel to share Rufus’s pain at Captain Scratchy.

Is your dog Satan?

March 25, 2010