Angry Horse on Halloween: Then and Now

October 31, 2009

Last year Angry Horse went trick or treating as Sarah Palin, as seen below:

This year? He’s in charge of getting the door for trick or treaters. See the new episode on Captain Scratchy by clicking HERE!


Evil Kitty’s Halloween plans

October 30, 2009


There’s also a new Halloween-themed cartoon over at Captain Scratchy. See it by clicking HERE!

Sissy horse or natural born hoofer?

October 29, 2009


Rod’s Halloween plans

October 28, 2009


Hey! There’s a fresh episode of Captain Scratchy today! Where, you ask? At Captain Scratchy, of all places. See it by clicking THIS.

George’s Halloween plans

October 27, 2009


Meanwhile, back at the swanky restaurant …

October 26, 2009


A Halloween card that makes you think

October 23, 2009

Not another Halloween card, you say. Yes, another Halloween card, I say right back. This one’s kind of a brain teaser.

Click on the card to see it in my Zazzle shop. Or click on the “chuckink” link below the card front here to be directed to the home page of my Zazzle shop. Thanks for taking a gander!

Funny Halloween card: The Costume card
Funny Halloween card: The Costume by chuckink
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